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Application for Dog Licence

The Township of Algonqiun Highlands requires that dog owners provide tags for their dogs as set out in By-Law 2013-21. The owner of any dog within the Township of Algonquin Highlands shall procure from the Corporation a tag for same and shall pay an annual licence fee of $10.00 for each male dog, $20.00 for each female dog, and $10.00 for each spayed female or neutered male dog. The owner of any dog that is microchipped shall pay a one-time licence fee of $20.00. 

Please complete the following application to ensure our records contain accurate details about you and your pet. A separate application is required for each dog. Dog tags will be mailed upon receipt of payment for those who wish to receive them by mail. 

Owner Information

Dog Information

Is your dog neutered/spayed?
Does your dog have a microchip?
How would you like to receive your dog tag?

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